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Swede Farms Installs Emergency Generator!

Mar 15 2012 Lori Mangan
Swede Farms customers can be confident their dairy products will stay properly refrigerated during electrical outages.

The main reason Swede Farms maintains one of the highest customer retention rates in the business is because of our dedication to go above and beyond when it comes to customer service.  As you know, over the past few years our region has faced snowstorms, hurricanes, heat waves, brown outs and other miscellaneous causes of electrical outages.  Behind the scenes, we have reacted quickly & decisively, and as a result, have succeeded in doing everything possible to ensure our product remained fresh and our customers were served.  We kept our business running so we could continue to serve you, our valued customer.  

However, in order to continue our top level of customer service, instead of always reacting, we have taken a proactive approach to handling these types of emergencies.  We are proud to announce the official installation of an industrial sized emergency generator!  We have tested it and will never again have to live in fear of losing electricity.  When the lights go out and your competitors are scrambling to get their dairy products, you will still have your dairy needs met on time.

Installing this generator is just one of the improvements Swede Farms is constantly working on to ensure business continuity, thereby ensuring our customers can always serve their customers!         


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